Thrill of changing plans…

My plan for this evening was to swing by the Griffith Observatory and get some sunset cityscapes and spend the rest of the evening wandering halls of the Observatory. I foolishly decided this without consulting the friends I was staying with, who would have told me that was a horrible plan, since the observatory is a local hangout, largely because it costs sans money and it would be packed since it was a holiday weekend. The adage, “if it is too good to be true, then it probably is,” immediately comes to mind…When I got there 90 minutes before sunset, there was a massive train for cars and police were on the scene directing traffic. NOOOO!!!!! After 15 minutes in queue, I decided this was not going to happen, so I decided to go to my second choice on my list, Angel’s Gate Park to check out the Korean Friendship Bell. Travel time estimate from Google Maps was 56 minutes. I am kicking myself for not planning this better, but I started driving and hoped for the best. I got there as the sun was setting, parked my car and ran quickly to get some shots. It was mixture of frenzied actions and praying. To add more drama, my battery was in the red after 5 photos. SERIOUSLY!? I paid it no attention and set up my shots racing the rapidly diminishing light and battery power. I end up getting 10 more long exposure shots out of the battery and it was empty…

Here are the results:


Lessons learned

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan and have a backup site for shoot close by.
  2. Bring lots of batteries (so embarrassing)
  3. Talk to locals before “planning” any shoot.


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